Wired vs wireless LED dance floor

best wired statlit dance floor

Obviously, there are 2 structures of LED Dance Floor on the market you can see, wireless dance floor and wired dance floor.
It’s easy to distinguish them from the Pictures and Videos. Here is a introduction of the differences.

Outward Appearance

The wired one mostly has 2*2ft size.

The wireless one always has 2*2ft and 2*4ft to work together.

Supplying Power

The wired one using cables.

The wireless one using copper connections which oxidation may happened in the air.

Connect the Panels

The wired one uses connector to connect the dance floors and edgings.

The wireless one use the inner lock part to connect, and assuredly it’s easy to set up.

Control Parts

The wired one has 2.4GHz RF Chip on each board, so only a remote or DMX Controller is OK to control.

The wireless one needs remote control, signal transmitter and transformer together to make the wireless control to work.

Some Other Issues

The wired one could be set up on uneven surface.

The wireless one may lose power when step strongly and lose control without reliable signal from remote.

Why this article comes?

As we know, one’s man meat is another man’s poison. And each dance floor has its advantages and disadvantages.

But customers deserve to know more details about what they are going to buy.

All the Pictures are got from our products and the Internet, if it violates your copyright, please let us know.

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How to choose between wireless and wired dance floor
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How to choose between wireless and wired dance floor
Here is a brief description about differences between wired and wireless dance floor. Which one is your favor, check the article and you will be clear.
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