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Built-in Effects on Black Pixel Dance Floor

Pixel Dance Floor; Wedding dance floor; Video Dance Floor

Easy to add some built-in effects to the stage. Type words, waving effect that’s a piece of case. https://www.instagram.com/p/BgLdSt5HMa_/

Best Multi-Functions LED Dance Floor

Gold Starlit Dance Floor

From Wedding to Birthday from Party to Anniversary Choose our Multi-Functions on your  every event And make it even more memorable. https://www.instagram.com/p/BctEoMXBMf5/

How does the remote work for LED Dance Floor

Best Starlit Dance Floor

In order to receive the signal from the remote, each board in the dance floor has a 2.4GHz wireless chip on it. There are 3 LED Indicator and 6 Buttons on each remote. All the functions could be accessed. Less is more. To quickly jump to the programs you want, Key combinations make that possible. […]

Wired vs wireless LED dance floor

best wired statlit dance floor

Obviously, there are 2 structures of LED Dance Floor on the market you can see, wireless dance floor and wired dance floor. It’s easy to distinguish them from the Pictures and Videos. Here is a introduction of the differences. Outward Appearance The wired one mostly has 2*2ft size. The wireless one always has 2*2ft and 2*4ft […]